About myself

Hi! My name is Wes, Husband, father of Oli (plus lil miss Ameliah) and 2 fur babies.

I love sharing a coffee with my best mates on a chilly Adelaide winter night around a bonfire. I am the sort of guy who puts way to many marshmallows on my stick and they always burn. Ten second rule always applies when they fall off. I am all about making memories with those you love and care about. Oh and I LOVE to fish. 

I am not your typical wedding photographer.I was not born with a camera on my hip and natural light does not radiate from my behind. I find human connection beautiful and natural beauty a driving force. 

If you connect with my ideas,  please send me an email and I'll get the coffee ready!

Wes Xx

Baby sucking on mans nose

Image by an amazing friend/photographer Dan from Eon Images