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I have been married about 10 years now! YAY!!! Also been working in the wedding industry for 7 of those ten. I absolutely love it. I could not think of a better way of spending my Saturdays.

Now I get phone calls all the time from brides. Stressed out. Feeling lost in wedding planning.  I totally get it. The number one problem is with planning a wedding is the internet.  Ironically here we are. Let me explain. There is SOO much information. SOOO much bad advice and sooo much Pinterest lust that it creates this idea that you should be married in Tuscany and blow 200k on your wedding. Now don’t get me wrong, if you are spending 200 grand on your wedding, click here to enquire —> Enquiry form 🙂 Sooo what happens is we start to believe social media. We start to believe what the internet tells us what we need for a wedding.  Here is my take on planning a wedding

Tip 1: Forget everyone else. This is your day. I have photographed extravagant weddings and weddings on a tight budget. Both are equally special. Regret kicks in when you try to keep up with the Jone’s.

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Tip 2: Have an idea of what you want. Do you want a winery wedding? Do you want a church/CBD wedding?

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Tip 3: Set a budget. So here is an interesting question. how on earth do you set a wedding budget if you have no clue how much things cost? And here’s another annoying thing… Wedding vendors don’t like putting their prices online.  When setting a budget, it is important to be realistic. Yout won’t book Chateau Tanunda for 200 people on a $5000.00 wedding budget. So I will elaborate a little on setting a budget. Firstly google. Google Adelaide wedding venues. See what comes up. Then call a few places and get an idea of what sort of costs it involves. A good question you need to ask yourself is why are you having a wedding. Your why dictates strongly as to how you budget. Like everything in life, you will have to stretch your budget in some places. In other places, you can save. If you are looking for a good party, then a DJ or live band is where you will stretch your budget. If you love cars then obviously transport is where you will be investing in. So on and so forth.

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Tip 4: Make a list of must-dos. If you keep track of what you have to do it is. This way when you book something you can tick it off and celebrate 🙂

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Tip 5: Book a venue.  Importantly venue’s book up to two years in advance. The more flexible you are, the better chance you have in booking your favourite venue. I honestly suggest setting your wedding date around your venue’s availability. It will make your life a lot easier.

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Tip 6: Respond to emails. If you email a vendor make sure you let them know you got your email. Often emails go into spam. Often emails get lost. So vendors and venues start texting/calling to make sure you got the info you wanted. If you don’t let them know you got the email, a spam of emails, calls and texts are to come!

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Tip 7: It is OK to book the first venue you fall in love with. In fact its OK with any vendor. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, if we catch up for a coffee and we are not a match, don’t book me! Not sure, don’t book me. But I’ve had it plenty of times where people crowd surf and come back and I’m already booked.  Finding vendors for your wedding day is like dating! If you find a good one, hold on!

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Tip 8: Have fun! When booking a venue go and have a glass of red and eat a platter with your loved one. When buying your dress, make it a girls day out! Try on the most ridiculous dress you can find and have a laugh.Make it an experience rather than something that needs to be done.

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Tip 9: Start planning a year or two in advance. Gather ideas, Pinterest board and enjoy the process.

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Tip 10: Be yourself. Honestly, I know this is tip 1 but do not get stuck into everyone else’s wedding. It is your day.

I truly hope this article helps you plan your stress-free Adelaide wedding! If you are looking for a photographer please feel to click here (Adelaide wedding photography)

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