When do I book my Adelaide Wedding Photographer?

When do you book your Adelaide wedding photographer?

Hi Friends!!! So you are engaged and have decided to plan your Adelaide wedding?? CONGRATS!!! I truly hope this time is exciting and full of joy. It should be! If I could give any tip, it would be that you should forget about what everyone else is doing, and focus on you. Focus on what you want planned for your very special day.

So is it possible to be too far in advance?

Well most blogs out there will say no, book as soon as you can. Honestly, 3 years is a bit too far ahead.  Some venues don’t even book that far ahead. A lot of photographers out there are only hobby photographers and won’t be in business 3 years in advance. The wedding industry is one of THE MOST competitive industries out there. If you book someone fairly green to the industry so far out in advance, chances are high they will not be shooting weddings anymore.

So when should I start looking for my Adelaide Wedding photographer?

I recommend you start looking at the 2 year mark.  This is because popular dates book out at the year and a half mark. On average most dates book out 9 months in advance. These are your normal Saturday weddings. If you are not sure how to look for a photographer maybe have a read of my other wedding blog over (CLICK HERE).

Why are some dates more popular for weddings than others

Well Adelaide weddings are really seasonal. We have really hot summers and really cold winters. People try and target the more temperamental seasons. Although with that said the weather is sooo unpredictable. I’ve had a torrential downpour in January! Usually, the first weekend after daylight savings starts is booked out straight away. Same with the weekend before it ends. These dates are always popular and are highly sought after.  Another trigger is a sporting event. Usually Grand final weekend is not as popular, but with that said, the number of weddings I’ve shot where I see the lads streaming the footy on their phones is countless!

Sometimes the date looks great! I had 40 enquiries for 10-10-2015. The couple got married at 10 am. Which does look nice in print.

Holidays. A weekend that has a public holiday attached to it will also become popular. Long weekend and a big party. Who could ask for more?

So which months are really popular? October, March and April are always well sought after, followed closely by November and March.

Generally speaking, Saturdays are far more popular than Friday or Sunday weddings. It used to be more for elopements but wedding venues are booking out quicker and quicker so Fridays and Sundays and even Mondays are becoming more wedding popular. I predict in the next 5 years Fridays and Sundays will be as popular as a Saturday

Thank you so kindly for reading, I love the support and care I get from all my followers. You are my world and I am truly blessed to have you in my life!

Wes Xx

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