How to find your Adelaide wedding photographer

Wedding photography is such a personal and intimate thing. A day filled with such intimate and joyous emotions. The problem is, there are soo many wedding photographers out there in Adelaide.  It makes the decision a headache. This is not supposed to be a tough challenge. Being engaged and planning your dream day is supposed to be fun. A time you enjoy. So the bright news is that the Adelaide wedding industry is full of amazing and talented wedding vendors. I would dare say Adelaide boasts of the best talent in Australia and even worldwide! Now about me before we get into it all. I am an Adelaide wedding photographer. I've been shooting weddings for close to 7 years now. As passionate as I am about my couples and shooting weddings I LOVE this industry. I am passionate about it and want to help. I often write blogs for Unbridely. Camille is a celebrant and is equally determined to make the wedding industry here in lil ol Adelaide a better place.

Bride gets into dress

Step 1: See what Adelaide has to offer

A great place to start is an Adelaide wedding blog like LCA or even on instagram. Every wedding photographer is different. I would say there are two main differences.

Firstly Posing. Are you after candid or more heavily posed shots? This will cut your search in half and make your life a lot easier.

Secondly what sort of colour palette do you connect with? The way the photographer edits his or her photos changes the mood of the sequence of images you get. Are you after that dark and moody sort of look or a light and romantic?

Once you know the answer to these two very important questions you will connect with different photographers. It will change who you follow and which pages you like. Another way to go about is to start at Wedding pages or Easy Weddings

Step 2: Set a budget.

This is a very controversial topic even within the wedding industry. But let me be 100% honest here. I got married on a tight budget. We didn't have much and that is OK. So what did we do?

We figured out how important photography was to us. We found a photographer. This photographer was slightly out of the budget.  We found others that were in the budget, but we absolutely loved this particular photographer. What we did is we found money within our budget and got a cheaper wedding car. For us, it didn't bother us one bit. For other people, this may be a complete NO NO. That's totally fine.  Put money in what you value, that way you will be happy. Don't let people tell you what you value. Be you.

Step 3: Get in contact

Seriously. Get in contact!

The first big question is, is the photographer available. Often photographers book about a year plus in advance. Certain dates of the year are incredibly sought after. Daylight savings is a big one. The first Saturday after the beginning of daylight savings gets booked out almost a year and a half in advance every time.  So if they are available? Most photogs catch up for a coffee. Now I ask this for every photographer in the wedding industry. Don't go around getting to know us all. If you find someone you love, and meets all the other boxes. Book them. The reality is by the time you have sought after 'the one' the first one you fell in love with is probably already booked.  Now you have to settle.  This is the last thing you want to do I promise you!

Step 4: Dont compare.

Your wedding day is your wedding day. If someone can afford a 25k photographer and buys a 10k album. Good on them. Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people human beings and your day will be amazing. It is not a competition. Weddings are celebrations of love. It is a beautiful joyous day that you should remember and hold onto for the rest of your life.


Now I really hope this article helps you find the perfect matched Adelaide photographer for your wedding!


Wes Xx