Wedding images that make the album

Hi guys! I hope everyone is excited about Christmas and the upcoming new years! I've been designing a fair few albums lately and thought I would write a blog about it! Images that usually make the wedding album. Firstly we make a story. So images fall into the sequence of your amazing day.  We always start from the beginning.


I ALWAYS try and get an amazing photograph of your rings! Sometimes it's in different combinations with the other details or on different surfaces. Glass tops or stunning rustic wooden furniture looks amazing with a macro lens.
Rings on invitation


The stationery, the invites, the flowers. I've seen almost all my brides smell their flowers. In 10 years time when you see or smell the same flowers used on your wedding day, you will be reminded of how special it was!

Image 2: Boys Prep

The lads usually are less keen to be photographed than yourself! I try and make it short sharp and shiny. It is totally worth having the groom prep photographed. Every album has at least one spread of the boys getting prepared. Some candids and a few close ups.
Boys helping groom get dressed

Bride Prep

Usually there is 3-4 spreads at least that make the album. These images range from candids of make up being done to final touches of the dress. Always an image of your dress being hung. As normal I put emphasis on this being a big importance of your day. Pamper yourself. Get a beautiful spot to get ready and it really helps you relax. It is your special day after all!!
Bride getting ready


The First kiss is obviously a keeper. Also when you are laughing when your fiance says something incorrectly. (Forgive him, he is nervous! :) Sometimes we put in some close-ups of the hands or maybe even some candids of the guests.
Groom and bride laughing


Usually, there is a single spread with some family images. I really love it when couples leave a spread or even half a spread for their family. They are not the hero shots of your album, but is something I do recommend putting in.
Family looking at camera


Any photographers dream time. We all hang out and get excited about portrait time. I don't need a tonne of time. An hour is more than ample time for me to get what I need to fill your album :) We leave about 4 to 5 pages for this time. Which includes a few of the bridal party laughing and then the sunset portraits of you and hubby.
Bride kissing groom


We always put some reception details in. This plays a big part of your day! Make sure us photographers get 10 minutes alone with the reception venue untouched. You will love it in your album I promise!
Reception venue without people in it


We all love a good party! Leave 2-3 spread in your album! It ties up things quite nicely! Two spreads of the first dance and then 3 spreads of everyone having the time of their lives.
Bride and groom dancing