Natural light -Wedding Photography

Well, every photographer will tell you different things. This will hopefully help you make good decisions when choosing wedding venues or getting ready locations. This is your adventure. Your story. I hope these tips help you!! Wes Xx

Tip 1: Window lighting

Window lighting generally provides great light for getting ready portraits. Usually, a makeup artist will look for a big window. That way she can look at your skin tones correctly. So for the sake of your photo's and make up a good, well-lit place is amazing! Even if your rooms have big lights, 99% of the time I"ll turn it off. You may not be able to see, but every light has a blue or yellow temperature. Which is not the same as the natural light outside. So you get this mixed colours on your face.

Bride gets into dress

Tip 2: Open shade/Direct sunlight.

Open shade wins,  but if you cannot put everyone in the same sort of light go for direct sunlight. Mixed never looks good on camera. Honestly rather sacrifice the pretty backdrop for now and you will have stunning wedding ceremony photographs!

Ceremony image

Tip 3: Sunset portraits

Here I go again... I LOVE golden hour. Firstly it's super romantic. Everyone enjoys sitting with their loved one, on a picnic blanket and watching the sun go down. So this is YOUR time when you can do the same on your wedding day! HOW SPECIAL. Secondly, it makes you look stunning. The light is really soft and absolutely breathtaking.