5 Weddings tips for the Adelaide Bride

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blogs! I am truly humbled! So far I have received wonderful feed back and I'm glad that I can help you! It warms my heart. Wes Xx

Tip 1: Bridesmaid is code for best friend.

These are the girls that help you throughout the day. The people that really make it stress-free by making sure that the things that worry you are already done before you have asked about it! They are the bodyguard your dress while you hug your family members making sure no one steps on your veil, or hold your flowers straight after the ceremony. Pick them wisely!

Bridemaids laughing

Tip 2: Time management

Have some alone time with you and yourself before your ceremony. Seriously the day will go by so quickly and even 2 minutes of silence helps it slow the entire day down. Time to reflect, time to get excited and time to just be.

Bride with her dress

Tip 3: The first dance

Make sure you do your first dance early. People want to dance but will not start until they know that they are allowed to. The later the dancing starts, the less likely people will join you.

Tip 4: Reception

Make sure your photog gets some time to photograph the reception without anyone in it. You spent all this money to make sure it looks amazing, you at least a few images of it!  Usually, couples have 1 spread dedicated to the reception with these images in it!

Tip 5: Sunset portraits

I probably will give this tip in every single blog post :) Seriously, take 5 minutes and it is worth it. Again its you and hubby time. The only time where you get to have private conversations about the day. The first time to reflect and ask each other how they are doing.