Natural light wedding photography

So you have probably been to around 1056 different wedding photographers websites and read how so many of us are natural light photographers. It sounds cool and makes us sound like a professional right? :) I figured I would take my time and help people understand what that means and how it actually impacts your wedding and more importantly... your wedding images! Thank you for reading! Wes Xx

So...... What does natural light photography actually mean?

A good rule of thumb is good light, good image. A big part of my job is to find good light and place you in it, then let the magic happen! A good way to tell if the light is good, is by looking at the shadows. Harsh shadows mean harsh light.

So why all the trouble? Here are my reasons for shooting natural light images.

Reason 1: Beauty

It makes you look stunning! Natural light brings out the best in you. There is something romantic about a sunset and I absolutely love how it is incredibly flattering.
Groom getting ready

Reason 2: Honesty

You always remember a good holiday by the weather. That time you went to Italy and the weather was absolutely amazing. It is a part of your story, your wedding day and I try and tell your story honestly. You love your fiancé for who they are. Being honest is a big part of this.

Reason 3: Timeless images

It is the least intrusive manner to photograph. Nothing worse than big flashes going off continuously during your ceremony! I try to be the fly on the wall and allow things to happen naturally. This way your images are real and true. To make special, candid images that are truly timeless, you cannot be distracted by a stupid flash going off. Natural light really helps this process.

Reason 4: Easy going

Every second email I get starts with “ Me and my fiancé would like to have a relaxed and easy going wedding”. Not carrying around copious amounts of equipment makes me work quickly and allows you not have to stress. Portrait sessions are fun and candid. It's an amazing way to work

Reason 5: Love

I love it. I simply love natural light and everything it does. Often you will see me disappear and try and find good light. 9/10 weddings I am grabbing my couples for 10 minutes during the reception sneaking out for sunset portraits. It is what makes me tick!