5 Wedding tips to help make your wedding photography amazing!

Hi Guys! I've been photographing weddings for 6 years now and would love nothing more to help make every wedding look stunning. There are definitely things you can do to help make your folio look amazing on camera. Simple things. I hope these little tips help! Wes Xx

Tip 1: Groom Prep

Usually the tension is a bit high at the lads. Make sure you got something to do that keeps yourselves entertained. This helps with the nerves a bit. I always find if I have something to keep myself busy with I am less nervous. Also Make sure you have a well lit room with clean space.

Groom getting pants on

Tip 2: Bridal Prep

Firstly, pamper yourself. It is your wedding day. It is the one day in your life that you get it all and it's OK. Make sure you get ready in a beautiful spot where you can hang your dress. These images really do affect the entire feel of your wedding album. When choosing a spot, consider wide open spaces with lots of natural light. 

Bride getting ready

Tip 3:

Even lighting, even lighting and EVEN LIGHTING! Seriously, make sure that both girls and boys are in the same sort of light. Open shade does a treat in harsh lighting conditions. But if you cannot put everyone in the same sort of light, have you guys stand in direct sunlight. No halvsies!


Tip 4: Portraits

Firstly, CONGRATS! You are now married to your BEST FRIEND! Come hail, rain, sunshine or even lightning nothing can spoil your day.The most important thing is you are with your favourite human being for the rest of your life!

Now if you are able to, make sure you sneak out for sunset portraits. The closer to sunset you can get the better. Not only does the light make you look amazing, but it is also the first time you and hubby are alone. Take some time for just yourselves!

Bride and groom cuddle

Tip 5: Reception

Let’s talk first dance. 95.65% of my couples have not auditioned for “so you think you can dance”. If you are anything like me, with two left feet…EMBRACE IT. Waddle. From left to right. The most intimate and perfect first dances have been between two in-love human beings waddling (not even in time) while everyone watches. It is beautiful and perfect.

Couple dancing