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Port Elliot – Victor Harbour wedding

Jess and Ben were expecting their first addition to their family on their special day! AND she could not have looked anymore beautiful in her custom Liza Emanuele dress. Their location choice was easy, as they knew they wanted to get married at Authenticity Spa Resort (Port Elliot) the moment they walked in, which was where they went for for a coffee after a long day of venue scouting. Their prerequisites for a venue were inside accommodation, fresh and local food, a variety of landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere. The beautiful relaxed atmosphere was complimented by live music by classical romantic Stringspace musicians for the ceremony that extra touch of class. The reception band, The Vibes, had the whole crowd dancing all night, which you don’t see very often at weddings! Other amazing vendors that helped make this South Adelaide wedding so special were Allira Florist and Angel Wedding Cakes.

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Pt Elliot-wedding-estate-winery-150
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Pt Elliot-wedding-estate-winery-151
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Pt Elliot-wedding-estate-winery-148
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From the Bride…Our wedding was the most relaxed, intimate and fun-filled day of Ben and my lives. Our location choice was easy, we knew we wanted to get married at Authenticity Spa Resort (Port Elliot Wedding) the moment we walked in, which was actually for a coffee after a long day of venue scouting. Our prerequisites for a venue were inside accommodation, fresh and local food, a variety of landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere. Having a Port Elliot Wedding helped for local guests as the drive is not to big. Authenticity surpassed our expectations in all these and were a pleasure to work with. Advice I would give to brides-to-be hoping for exactly that, would be to be prepared, have lists of what needs to be done when and by whom, and distribute these early so your helpers feel prepared. Also delegate family or friends as contacts for your florist, photographer and other support staff, so your phone isn’t ringing. A lot of the stress of a wedding can come from others not knowing and asking what you need done on the day, if they know before hand they will be relaxed and confident, and you can just sit back and enjoy getting pampered and ready for the aisle. Finally, if something isn’t perfect, let it pass over you. It’s human nature to dwell on what went wrong, but this will tarnish the memories of what should be the best day of your life. The most important part are the words you say and how you feel promising yourself to the person you love for eternity. In 50 years nobody will care, nor remember, that the Hors d’oeuvres were late. “

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